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The Spa Experience

The difference between a successful pet spa and a traditional grooming shop goes much deeper than the sign out front and its menu of services.

Nailing Down an Opportunity

Nail care services can be important to ensuring the health of not only a grooming salon’s canine clients, but also the business’ reputation. The key is using the right products and practices.

Filling a Void

Grooming salons face significant challenges when an essential member of the staff takes an extended leave of absence, but having the right policies and strategies in place can go a long way in making the situation manageable.

On the Road to Profits

Providing benefits such as premium pricing and relatively low overhead, mobile grooming can be a great alternative or addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar salon.

A Competitive Streak

Professional groomers who consider throwing their hat into the grooming contest arena should first make sure they understand what it takes to successfully compete.

Becoming a Hire Power

The process of becoming an employer can be challenging for grooming salon owners. The key to success is in covering every base when evaluating, hiring and managing new additions to the staff.

Fighting Unfair Taxes

Professional groomers in Rhode Island have the opportunity to overturn onerous tax legislation that will impact the health of their businesses and their canine clients.

Filling the Feline Void

Offering services for cats can be lucrative for groomers who can effectively educate themselves and pet owners on this relatively unmet need.

Shutting Down Stress

There are many things in life that can cause undue stress—it’s how you deal with it that makes all the difference.

Setting Up the Flea Market

Groomers can help customers protect themselves from the threat of fleas and ticks by providing an assortment of products that address pet owners many concerns.

Grooming Goes Green

By implementing eco-friendly practices and using natural products in the salon, groomers will not only keep themselves, their four-legged clients and the Earth healthier, they will improve their bottom line.
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