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On the Road to Profits

Providing benefits such as premium pricing and relatively low overhead, mobile grooming can be a great alternative or addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar salon.

Nailing Down an Opportunity

Nail care services can be important to ensuring the health of not only a grooming salon’s canine clients, but also the business’ reputation. The key is using the right products and practices.

Filling a Void

Grooming salons face significant challenges when an essential member of the staff takes an extended leave of absence, but having the right policies and strategies in place can go a long way in making the situation manageable.

The Spa Experience

The difference between a successful pet spa and a traditional grooming shop goes much deeper than the sign out front and its menu of services.

Handle with Care

Groomers can effectively protect themselves from being bitten by their canine clients by following 10 simple pet-handling rules in the salon.

Saving Face

Groomers must tend to a million little details on each pet they groom, but to a pet owner’s adoring eyes, the face is all-important.

Gauging Growth in Grooming

Grooming Business’ annual Pet Groomer Survey found that the overall industry produced another strong year in 2013, but local economics and the ability to offer best-in-class service played a role in individual performances.

A Very Good Year

An industry insider recaps some of grooming’s most notable highlights of 2013.

Mending Fences

The veterinarian/groomer relationship can be complicated or even unpleasant, unless you understand why it sometimes fails and how to make it work.

Practicing Self Control

To ensure that regulations put on groomers actually serve their intended purpose without being debilitating to the profession, the grooming industry must be active in policing itself.

Saving Lives

Groomers can play a vital role in a pet’s healthcare by being vigilant in looking for signs of illness and referring any possible problems to a veterinarian.

Learn to Succeed

While a good education is essential, pet groomers must be committed to continually expanding and refreshing their knowledge base to achieve success in their profession.

Portuguese Water Dog Haircut

A haircut that can be completed quickly and easily, yet still offers groomers the flexibility to adjust to clients’ preferences, will provide a great competitive advantage.

Taming the Tibetan Terrier

While its breed standard calls for the Tibetan Terrier to be impressively full-coated, pet owners will find that a shorter, more manageable cut is far more practical to maintain and will help avoid matting.

Training Canine Clients

Groomers and pet owners can and should form a partnership to change how dogs experience the grooming process.

Ingredients for Health

Selecting the shampoos and conditioners for use in the grooming salon is about more than just getting a pet clean; it is about providing the right care for the pet’s skin and coat.

Achieving Balance

To avoid getting burned out, both physically and emotionally, pet groomers must carefully balance their professional and personal lives.

Tips from the Top

Some of the industry’s most successful professional pet stylists offer five of their personal tricks for better grooming.

The 7 Marketing Habits of Highly Successful Groomers

Grooming business owners cannot let the rigors of managing day-to-day operations distract them from the importance of having a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Growing Pains

Expanding a grooming business can be lucrative and rewarding, provided that salon owners avoid common pitfalls along the way.
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