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Expanding Your Horizons

Making additions to a grooming salon’s menu of services can be a great way to drive growth for the business, provided you choose the right services and implement them correctly.

A Natural Philosophy

As demand for natural pet grooming continues to soar, groomers insist that the quality of a pet’s experience is just as important as the ingredient lists on the products they use.

Pricing Success

To ensure their businesses stay profitable, grooming salon owners and operators must learn how to figure out a fair approach to pricing their services.

Measuring Success

There are many ways to determine whether or not a business venture is successful, and they all depend on the honest and accurate perspective of the entrepreneur.

Braving the Challenges

While 2015 turned out to be another solid year for most professional groomers, there are indications that many businesses still face significant hurdles.

The Gift of Gratitude

Taking a look back at 2015 and reflecting on how a dose of gratitude can set the tone for a wonderful 2016.

Delivering Great Customer Service

The ability to deliver a high level of customer service is just as vital to the continued health of a grooming business as the quality of the grooming being done in the salon.

The Road More Traveled

For an increasing number of professional groomers, starting a mobile business is proving to be the best route for maximizing profits while minimizing stress.

The Perfect Fit for Felines

A highly controlled atmosphere for pets and distinct convenience factor for pet owners makes mobile grooming an ideal fit for working with cats.

Building a Better Business Plan

Whether they are launching, maintaining or expanding their enterprise, grooming business owners must have clear goals in place for their business, as well as a roadmap for how to reach their intended destination.

Price Check

In order to achieve long-term success, grooming business owners must be able to create a profitable pricing strategy that works for their local customer base.

Making the Right Choice

There is no one sure way to find the perfect grooming salon employee, but experts say there are some universal truths to consider.

Achieving Balance

To avoid getting burned out, both physically and emotionally, pet groomers must carefully balance their professional and personal lives.

The Road to Wellville

Professional pet grooming can be physically and mentally grueling, so groomers must be proactive in taking care of their health to ensure long, prosperous careers.

First Responders

There are a number of things that can go wrong and threaten the health of a pet in the salon environment, so groomers must be prepared to provide the right emergency medical care.

Funding Your Golden Years

All professional groomers should have comprehensive retirement plans in place long before they call it a career.

Going for Growth

The grooming industry is buzzing with a strong crop of profitable salons, but some continue to feel the pinch of local struggling economies.

Revved Up for Success

Mobile grooming can be even more profitable than a traditional salon, provided the business owner has a firm plan in place for pricing and scheduling.

Bathing Done Better

Bathing may seem like a simple part of the overall grooming process, but it can have a profound impact on the quality of a pet stylist’s work and the profitability of a salon.

Growing Pains

Expanding a grooming business can be lucrative and rewarding, provided that salon owners avoid common pitfalls along the way.
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