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The Punk Poodle

Reilly the Toy Poodle represents a great example of how professional groomers can bring a little personality to a breed commonly seen in the salon.

The Giant Schnauzer

Hand-stripping coarse-coated Giant Schnauzers like Brutus can be a great way for professional groomers to set themselves apart from the competition and earn some extra cash.

The Cockapoo

To produce a nice finish on Cockapoos that have a straighter coat with a bit of a wave, groomers can use thinning shears to blend any choppy marks.

The Pet Irish Terrier

A combination of hand stripping, clipping and thinning can produce a great pet cut for Irish Terriers.

The Wheaten Terrier Pet Trim

While it maintains some of the traits of a show cut, a relatively short pet trim can be a great easy-maintenance option for a grooming salon’s Wheaten Terrier clients.

Rough-Coated Jack Russell

Depending on their preferences, some grooming salon clients may opt to have their Rough-Coated Jack Russell Terrier’s coat clipped instead of hand stripped.

Mini Poodle in a Miami Trim

The Miami trim can be a great option for clients who want to give their dogs a low-maintenance coat, while maintaining the classic Poodle look.

Mini Poodle Puppy

A Miniature Poodle puppy’s first visit to the salon is a great opportunity to begin getting both the pet and its owner acquainted with the grooming process.

Chow/Wheaten Terrier

Grooming mixed-breed dogs like Ginger can be a challenge, but they can also bring out a groomer’s creativity.

Hand-Stripping the Cairn Terrier

Hand-stripping is a technique that can really set a groomer apart from the competition.

The Pekingese Teddy Cut

An all-over “teddy” haircut can be a great, easy-to-maintain alternative to a Pekingese’s long show cut.

Shih Tzu Puppy Alternative Cut

When a matted Shih Tzu puppy was brought in by owners who didn’t want their dog completely shaved, it was time to get creative with this alternative cut, inspired by the lowchen breed.

Different Strokes

Grooming veteran Sue Pratt demonstrates how she accommodates the different needs of her two Brussels Griffons, Frodo and Winnie, on the grooming table.

The Welsh Terrier

Although it will change the texture and lighten the color of a Welsh terrier’s coat, clipping these dogs instead of handstripping them makes for a faster and more cost-effective groom.

The Mookie

“The Mookie” is a signature cut that works well on this toy poodle with a phantom pattern of hair color.

Mini Australian Shepherd Teddy Cut

The “teddy cut” is a versatile, all-over haircut that is perfect for active, thick-coated mini Australian shepherds.

The Cat Teddy Cut

A popular alternative to the standard lion cut for felines, the Teddy cut utilizes snap-on combs to keep a cat’s coat manageable.

The Hairless Chinese Crested

While the name would seem to imply that grooming these little dogs should be quite simple, the Chinese crested does have some unique requirements.

Old English Sheep Dog

While seeing an Old English Sheep Dog on the schedule can be daunting for many groomers, a short manageable cut can be accomplished with a variety of blades and snap-on combs.

The Norwich Terrier

The Norwich terrier is a great dog to use in demonstrating hand stripping, a technique that has largely become a lost art among professional groomers.
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