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The Hairless Chinese Crested

While the name would seem to imply that grooming these little dogs should be quite simple, the Chinese crested does have some unique requirements.

Old English Sheep Dog

While seeing an Old English Sheep Dog on the schedule can be daunting for many groomers, a short manageable cut can be accomplished with a variety of blades and snap-on combs.

The Norwich Terrier

The Norwich terrier is a great dog to use in demonstrating hand stripping, a technique that has largely become a lost art among professional groomers.

Pomeranian Teddy Cut

A good teddy cut is a popular choice for Pomeranians, as it makes their thick, fluffy coat easier for owners to brush and helps keep the dog cooler, particularly during hot summer months.

Bichon Frise Alternative Trim

A Portugese water dog-inspired cut can be a cute alternative to the difficult traditional bichon trim.

The Miniature Schnauzer

Forty-year grooming veteran Sue Pratt demonstrates how she clips—instead of hand-strips—her champion miniature schnauzer.

The English Springer Spaniel

While show dogs are groomed using carding, thinning and stripping techniques, pet English springer spaniels are often clipped using a variety of blades.

The Labradoodle

There are many opinions on the proper way to groom doodles. This particular groom, which is performed on a Labradoodle, can be modified for longer and shorter lengths.
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