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A Super Opportunity

SuperZoo represents a valuable opportunity for those in the grooming business to shop, network, learn and compete alongside their peers.

Learning to Succeed

Melissa Verplank, CMG, CEO of The Paragon School of Pet Grooming and founder of Learn2GroomDogs.com, discusses the importance of education in the professional grooming industry.

Lifelong Learning

As a groomer, you really can learn something new every day.

Room To Grow

Whether or not you choose to incorporate retail into your model, there is a wealth of opportunities to expand your business in the coming year.

A Cut Above

Martha Palmer, director of Wahl Clipper Corporation’s professional animal division, discusses how the company is leveraging its long history in the clipper business, as well as valuable input from groomers, to craft the perfect tools for professional pet stylists.

Harnessing the Power of Aloe

Shannon Moore, NCMG, director of grooming and education for Espree Animal Products, Inc., explains how the company unlocks the nourishing benefits of botanical ingredients to provide wholesome, solution-oriented products for the professional grooming community.

Constructive Criticism

Showing the customer that you are listening to their comments and reacting to any misunderstanding will go a long way in building a better relationship with them.

Make Room for Retail

A salon renovation or entirely new build-out might represent the perfect time to add retail.

Miracle Makers

Dawn Tolonen, director of marketing for MiracleCorp Products, discusses how the company’s solution-oriented Miracle Care brand can be a valuable resource for professional groomers.

Enhancing Animal Care

Holly Gibson, manager of marketing and innovation for Shor-Line, discusses the company’s dedication to helping groomers work safely and efficiently by providing high-quality equipment that stands the test of time.

Lesson Learned

In this day of Facebook and Twitter, radical changes and poor service cannot be hidden behind a rock.

Navigating the Course

Grooming business owners with a good plan are much more likely to stay in business than someone who is doing very little research and development.

The New Age of Advertising

Groomers across the country are weighing the value of digital marketing compared to that of traditional advertising.

Who Knows a Dog Better?

Groomers who go a step beyond are the ones who will truly develop a bond with their customers.

Built to Last

Holly Gibson, marketing and innovation manager for Shor-Line, discusses the company’s approach of combining durability and ergonomics when designing equipment for the grooming salon.

A Matter of Life and Death

If pets keep dying while in the care of professional groomers, the consequences will be dire for everyone in this business.

Driving Success

John Stockman, national sales manager for Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions, discusses how the company helped build and continues to revolutionize the mobile grooming business.

Paying the Price

More than doubling the hourly minimum wage could end up having a more dramatic and decidedly negative impact on workers.

Responsible Recommendations

As pet care professionals who often regularly get a closer look at their four-legged clients than even their owners do, groomers play a vital role in keeping dogs and cats healthy.

Chew on This

Carol Plescia, owner of Acadia Antlers, discusses why grooming salons are a perfect fit for selling her company’s all-natural, Made in the USA treats and chews.
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