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Equipment & Supplies

Getting More Bang from Brushes

Salons that complement a good retail selection of grooming brushes and combs with sound advice on how to choose and use these grooming tools will prove invaluable in helping clients maintain their pets’ coats between appointments.

Bathing in Efficiency

Having the right tub and bathing equipment is key to having a cost- and time-efficient grooming business.

Out to Dry

Manufacturers strive to make drying as comfortable, safe and effective as possible with these noteworthy products.

On the Road to Profits

Providing benefits such as premium pricing and relatively low overhead, mobile grooming can be a great alternative or addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar salon.

Clipper Evolution

Over the past three decades, the clipper market has expanded to include a broad range of options designed to meet groomers’ various needs and preferences.

Sampling Suds

While groomers can research the composition and benefits of various products on the market, selecting the right lineup of shampoos and conditioners for use in the salon is really a matter of trial and error.

Brush Up on Coat Care

Keeping a variety of brushes, combs and other tools on hand will enable a groomer to handle all of the coat variations of their four-legged clients.

Need a Lift?

Whether electric or hydraulic, today’s grooming tables are saving a lot of wear and tear on groomer’s bodies, and they are doing it with style.

Setting Up the Flea Market

Groomers can help customers protect themselves from the threat of fleas and ticks by providing an assortment of products that address pet owners many concerns.

Grooming Goes Green

By implementing eco-friendly practices and using natural products in the salon, groomers will not only keep themselves, their four-legged clients and the Earth healthier, they will improve their bottom line.
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