Finishing Touches

Pet parents are searching for fresh scents and safe options to keep their pets looking and feeling their best after or between grooms.



Best Shot Pet Products’ Scentament Spa botanical body splash spray comes in 12 different fragrances for deodorizing and detangling. The sprays have organic ingredients with advanced hydrating and detangling conditioners and are safe for dogs and cats of all ages. They’re hypoallergenic, alcohol free and fabric safe. 



Freshen Up aromatherapy spray from Zen Dog Healing is formulated for odor control for pets that are sensitive to mass-produced, synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Freshen Up is formulated using 100 percent pure, therapeutic-class essential oils plus lavender and peppermint leaves. It’s packaged in the U.S. in amber glass bottles to protect the oils. 



Fetch…for Pets! Biosilk Super Glossing Finishing Spray is sulfate free, paraben free and pH balanced. It provides shine to a dog’s coat without leaving a greasy residue or weighing down the coat. The spray comes in an 8-oz. spray bottle, is made in the USA and is safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments. 



Elite Moisturizing Detangling Spray from EQyss (eqysspet.com) is a vegan spray that eases brushing by keeping a pet’s skin and coat conditioned and hydrated. It contains pomegranate seed oil, grape seed oil, macadamia nut oil, sunflower seed oil, green tea extract, lavender extract and brown algae extract. Between these oils and extracts, the spray moisturizes, provides UV protection and gives antioxidant benefits. 



Warren London’s 10-in-1 After Bath Spray is a leave-in conditioner designed to increase healthiness, shininess and softness in a dog’s coat. The spray is meant to detangle and revitalize. It has anti-itch and anti-flake properties and works best on dogs with a dry or slightly damp coat. 



Blueberry Dew Cologne from Nature’s Specialties’ Foo Foo line of products is a long-lasting fragrance meant to add a finishing touch to Nature’s Specialties’ Pawpin’ Blueberry Shampoo. The cologne is safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages. The Foo Foo collection also features 10 other scents such as Berry Blast, Almond Essence and Mystic Lavender.



Davis Manufacturing’s Davis Fine Shine is a quiet sprayer enriched with jojoba oil, ideal for pets that may spook easily. It is fragrance free and conditions without leaving a greasy residue or film. Davis Fine Shine can be used as a finishing spray on groomed coats and for last-minute touch-ups. It’s safe for use on dogs, cats and horses and comes in an eco-friendly, spray-at-an-angle can.



Indulge Daily Brushing Aid with Argan Oil from Bio-Groom penetrates the hair shaft and hair follicles to help nourish the skin and coat. It contains organic, 100 percent pure argan oil from Morocco, plus vitamin E, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. Indulge is non-irritating, stops flyaway hair, works on all skin types and coats and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue.


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