Harnessing the Power of Aloe

Shannon Moore, NCMG, director of grooming and education for Espree Animal Products, Inc., explains how the company unlocks the nourishing benefits of botanical ingredients to provide wholesome, solution-oriented products for the professional grooming community.


Grooming Business: Tell us about Espree’s approach to producing natural, wholesome grooming products for pets. What sets Espree apart from other companies in the category?
Shannon Moore: Espree’s approach to creating premium, wholesome solutions for grooming and pet care is based on the combination of nature and innovative technology. Espree is dedicated to solving pets’ problems by creating natural, effective, wholesome solutions. Our products are built around organically grown aloe vera from the inner fillet of the aloe plant in place of water. Aloe vera’s beneficial nutrients act as a powerful skin hydrator while also boosting immune response. 

GB: Espree recently introduced a line of solution-oriented shampoos formulated with exotic oils. What are some of the key features of these products?
Moore: This family of shampoos utilizes the benefits of avocado oil, argan oil, keratin oil and coconut oil. A bath infused with Avocado Oil Shampoo provides relief for seasonal and non-seasonal allergies by temporarily stopping chewing, scratching and itching. The new Argan Oil Shampoo provides a fast and effective way to rehydrate the skin and coat, and bring the coat back to life. The Keratin Oil Shampoo is designed to rebuild and repair coat. The Keratin Oil Shampoo infuses into each individual hair strand, sealing the cuticle and repairing any damage. This helps provide strength and elasticity to the coat. The Coconut Oil and Silk Shampoo is a super-charged blend chock-full of coconut oil, silk protein and organic aloe vera to provide a nourishing bath to bring the skin and coat back to optimal health.

GB: What are some of the other new and exciting products Espree has introduced into the professional grooming industry? 
Moore: Espree recently launched our Senior Care Shampoo and Senior Care Gel. This solution-oriented shampoo gently cleans the skin and coat of older dogs while simultaneously soothing sore muscles and arthritis. This healthy, healing bath is chock-full of arnica to aid in the relief of pain, swelling and arthritis for senior dogs. The Senior Care Gel is used to provide immediate relief between baths.

We developed the Senior Care Shampoo and Senior Care Gel to help meet the needs of older pets. Dogs are living longer today than ever before with improved nutrition and healthcare. We wanted to provide a product to help meet their changing needs pertaining to their skin and coat as well.

GB: Beyond selling products for professional pet groomers, Espree also offers a variety of items meant for retail, including home-grooming products and nutritional supplements. Would these products be a good fit for selling in a salon environment?
Moore: Espree at-home grooming solutions and nutritional supplements would be an excellent choice for selling in a grooming salon. Our nutritional supplements give the consumer an opportunity to offer their four-legged friends a path to achieving optimal health. Our supplements provide wholesome solutions to pet owners by providing essential vitamins and minerals to improve overall health.

GB: Other than producing a broad lineup of high-quality products, how does Espree support the professional grooming community?
Moore: Espree supports the professional grooming community in many ways. We sponsor grooming competitions worldwide. Espree also offers educational seminars on a vast array of topics, including proper product selection, breed profile seminars and demonstrations, grooming trends, tips from the show ring and creative grooming. We also offer educational support through blogs, videos and newsletter publications. Espree works closely with many grooming schools to provide support, and we host numerous groomer events throughout the year.

GB: What does the future hold for Espree in the professional grooming industry?
Moore: Espree is very excited about the new and innovative products that we are bringing to the professional grooming industry. We are dedicated to consistently providing wholesome, healthy and effective solutions to meet the needs of pets and their caring pet owners.


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