A New Beginning

Grooming Business will see significant changes in 2018.



Building upon a decade of bringing professional pet stylists and salon owners comprehensive coverage of the professional pet grooming industry, I’m excited to announce that Grooming Business is getting a new home, and I invite you to join us there.
In 2007, we launched this publication as a sister title to Pet Business magazine—the most trusted trade media brand in the pet industry. But as we have all witnessed, the pet industry has changed greatly in the decade since we moved the majority of our grooming coverage out of the pages of our flagship publication and into its own platform. Now it has become clear that the time is right to bring the family back together. 

Of course, the decision to re-emphasize the flourishing grooming industry in Pet Business is not one we made lightly. However, after a close evaluation of the best way we can serve both retailers and grooming professionals, the benefits of combining our two powerhouse brands are simply too great to ignore. This is largely because the line between pet stores and grooming salons has become blurred as each group operates more and more like the other.

Retailers have increasingly turned to services such as grooming as a way to make their businesses stand out from competitors in other channels. In fact, over the past several years, many of the vendors that advertise in Grooming Business have told us that the majority of their businesses’ growth has been driven by pet specialty retailers that are adding grooming salons to their stores.

At the same time, more and more grooming salons have figured out that offering retail fare alongside their services represents a unique opportunity to grow the profitability of their businesses in a way that simply grooming more pets cannot. As you will read in this month’s cover story, this trend was reflected in our annual groomer survey, in which 50 percent of respondents indicated that they offer at least some selection of retail products in their salons—an all-time high in the history of our survey.
With this in mind, fusing our coverage of both the retail and service sides of the pet industry allows us to offer both grooming salons and pet stores a comprehensive resource for every facet of their business in a single platform that reaches a bigger, broader audience than Grooming Business ever did on its own. What’s more, it creates efficiencies that will allow us to invest in producing even more high-quality content that is sure to help drive success for all of our readers.
And that, my friends, is what we’re all about. gb


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