The Yorkiepoo

This short but cute haircut can be the perfect solution for keeping a dog fluffy while still avoiding matting.


Cody is a seven year old Yorkie/Poodle mix.  His family gets him groomed on schedule every six weeks and likes him fluffy.  We have chosen a length that pleases not only the owners, but me, the groomer, as well. The owners like a short face and short ears, and I refuse to keep a dog at a length that constantly comes in matted. This groom enables me to keep things short but still cute.  The snap-on comb length can be changed to suit the individual client. 




Step 1: Bathe
Cody has been washed in a deep-cleaning shampoo and conditioned with a re-moisturizer.


Step 2: Force Dry
After the bath, use a force dryer and blow as much water out of the coat as possible.


Step 3: Finish Drying
Next, use a stand dryer and slicker brush to move methodically through the coat, drying, straightening and removing any knots.


Step 4: Clean Ears
Pluck and clean the ears.


Step 5: Trim Nails
Clip the nails to the quick and file.


Step 6: Clip Pads
Clip the pads of the feet with a #40 blade, making sure not to clip hair from the top of the foot.


Step 7: Sanitary Trim
Clip the sanitary areas with a #10 blade.


Step 8: Clip Body
Using a size-A snap-on comb, clip the entire body, starting from behind the skull and including the belly. I find that back brushing the hair and clipping produces a more even finish.


Step 9: Clip Rear Legs
Using the size-A snap-on comb, clip the outside and back of the rear legs.


Step 10: Clip Front Legs
Still using the size-A snap-on comb, clip the front legs all around


Step 11: Clip Ears
Clip the ears using a 4f blade.


Step 12: Trim Rear Feet & Legs
Pick each rear foot up, comb the hair down toward the pads and trim any hair hanging over. Then place the foot on the table and trim round. Comb the hair out on the legs. The snap-on comb already set the length, so you should just be snipping and trimming the uneven hair.


Step 13: Trim Front Feet & Legs
Start each front foot the same way as the rear, picking them up and trimming the hair hanging over the foot and replacing it on the table and trimming it round. Again, comb the hair out and trim any uneven hair into a column shape. 


Step 14: Finish Ears
Trim the ear leathers completely around, making sure you protect the ear with your thumb.


Step 15: Finish Head
Comb the hair on top of the head forward and trim a visor. Comb the hair up and out on the top of the head and trim round. Comb the beard down and trim the jaw line.  Use either a #10 blade or thinning shears to trim just the inside eye corners—do not trim down the nose. Because Cody’s owners like to keep his muzzle short, I comb the hair up and out on the muzzle and, starting in front of the nose, I round the hair off and into the cheeks.




Professional groomer Anne Francis is a grooming competitor and speaker. She works at The Village Groomer in Walpole, Mass.

Is there a breed or cut that you’d like to see featured in the Grooming Table? Send your suggestions to jboncy@petbusiness.com.


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