Drying Efficiency

How to get the most out of your forced-air dryer.

Over the years, drying dog and cats has evolved from hand dryers, stand dryers and cage dryers only. Now we have the all-powerful forced-air driers. I find many groomers do not use them to their full potential. The forced-air dryer has cut my drying time down by up to one-third, not to mention the other benefits that these dryers provide in de-shedding and straightening coats so there is less brushing time. They also produce a better prepped coat, which allows me to create a better finish faster.

Here are a couple of tips for making the most of your forced-air dryer:

Slow Down
The best tip I can give you here is to take your time. So many times, I see groomers whipping the drier nozzle back and forth as fast as they can until the coat is dry. However, with this approach, the hair is not ideal for grooming afterword. You must use a slow, methodical motion that allows you to watch the entire length of the coat straighten. 

Keep Your Eyes Open
When you are using a forced-air dryer, you need to watch the dog’s skin. This is when you are going to see any skin issues, such as parasites, lumps and moles.

Christina Pawlosky is a Certified Master Groomer, professional handler, breeder, grooming show judge and successful pet store and grooming shop owner (The Pet Connection) since 1985. For 20 years, she served as national training manager for Oster Professional Products, where she developed new initiative educational material to educate at schools and conventions all over the world. Pawlosky is currently working with Judy Hudson to produce the Grooming Professors (groomingprofessors.com)—a service through which the two industry veterans share their many years of grooming, competing, dog show conditioning and handling with groomers across the country via Facebook and through an interactive website where visitors can access webcasts and videos about everything grooming related.


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