Getting a Lift

The lift technology incorporated into today’s tables and tubs makes the grooming process more efficient and less grueling.


The daily grind of being a professional groomer can be tough on the body. A very physical job, grooming requires standing all day long, oftentimes in uncomfortable positions. However, one of the most backbreaking parts of being a groomer can be lifting large dogs, whether it’s onto the table or into the tub. What’s more, many big dogs simply do not like to be lifted, and having to do so is a surefire way to get the grooming process off on the wrong foot.

Luckily, grooming equipment manufacturers are making groomers lives much easier by incorporating lift technology into their tables, and even tubs, to make lifting heavy pets a thing of the past. Here is a sampling of some of the stand out vendors saving wear and tear on groomers’ bodies:

Committed to Quality
When it comes to designing equipment for groomers, Brandon, S.D.-based Groomer’s Best (groomersbest.com) strives to make quality products at affordable prices. That includes making what the company bills as one of the top-performing tables in the industry. 

“One thing that sets us apart is we use heavy-duty steel tubing that is engineered to make the table very sturdy,” says office manager Katie Rodne. “This means no shaking table when you have a nervous dog.”

Another unique feature of Groomer’s Best tables is the textured sealant that is used on the tabletops to make them durable and sanitary, as well as help canine clients feel secure and comfortable during the grooming process. As a result of the company’s attention to quality—backed by comprehensive customer service—its standard hydraulic and electric tables are among the top-selling U.S.-made tables in the industry. They are available with 36-, 42- and 48-inch long tabletops.

Groomer’s Best’s newest table offering is a low-profile electric grooming table that lowers down to a mere 12.5 inches and raises all the way up to 42 inches.  “Another new feature we introduced on this table is drawers underneath the tabletop, to hold your most used items within reach,” says Rodne. “We also made this an optional accessory that can be added on to any of our table models.” 

Innovation at Work
While Burlington, Ontario-based Pets N Groom (petsngroom.com) has built an illustrious reputation in the grooming industry over the past two decades, the company made a big splash in 2009 with the introduction of its Viper Grooming Tables. Billed as the most advanced electric grooming table in the world, the Viper Grooming Table line takes the effort out of getting dogs on the table and features a unique electric grooming arm (including support wraps and quick-release nooses) to hold canine clients up in a secure, controlled position.

“Existing models on the market do not provide the added benefit of the electric arm, which differentiates Viper Grooming Table from current competitor models,” says Pets N Groom vice president Eda Arafat.

Models in the Viper line include the Viper Table Classic, which features a 28- by 48-inch tabletop, a storage drawer and a safety bar outlet with an on/off switch; and the Viper Table Classic Medium, which has a 28- by 39-inch tabletop and also features the safety bar outlet with an on/off switch. This summer, the company will introduce the Viper Table Classic Special, featuring up to four drawers tucked under the tabletop, eliminating the issue of storage tools and equipment most groomers face.

“The Viper Grooming Table (patent US20110061606A1) is considered the most unique and advanced grooming table in the industry,” says Arafat. “It provides assistance to the groomer and comfort for the pet, creating a grooming experience like none other.”

Delivering Value
Born from the world-renowned ComfortSoul spa furniture brand, Baldwin Park, Calif.-based ComfortGroom (comfortgroom.com) has brought its innovative designs and technologies to the grooming industry. With a focus on designing and manufacturing affordable, high-quality tables, the company provides value-driven products at a fraction of the price of similar tables in the industry.

“To be honest, there is no other table company that is in the space we are at with the best quality and function at a price point that is lower than most out in the market,” says Billy Chen, chief marketing officer. “What sets our products apart from other tables is we offer a structural lifetime warranty on all of our grooming tables—they are built to last—and offer free shipping within the 48 continental states.”

ComfortGroom’s most popular tables include its Electric Accordion Lift and Electric Z Lift tables. The tabletops on both models are removable for easy cleaning and replaceable after many years of use. They can also act as an exam table by simply replacing their stock pebbled tabletops with stainless steel tops.

Not content to simply innovate the table category, ComfortGroom will soon introduce a pet dryer that Chen says will change the industry. “Current dryers usually have two or three blow-force settings,” he says. “Our upcoming double-motor dryer is designed to have infinite controls on the blow force.”

Elevating Bath Time
A top supplier to pet professionals for more than 30 years, Boyd, Texas-based Direct Animal Products (directanimal.com)—a division of Tristar Metals, Inc.—manufactures a wide variety of grooming salon fixtures, including tables and tubs designed to make groomers’ lives easier.

“We have fun creating equipment that performs,” says marketing director Wendy Biondolillo. “Grooming is such a physical job, and we know that groomers need tubs and tables that will do some of the work for them.”

To ensure that the company’s equipment designs are intuitive to a groomer’s needs, Direct Animal Products constantly seeks feedback from the professionals on the front lines of the trade, including the use of customer surveys. The newest product to come out of the company’s responsive design process is its Hydraulic Lift Bathing Tub (800-HL), which lowers down to eight inches off the ground and goes as high as 42 inches.

“It’s operated by a hand controller that is cradled on the outer side of the tub, so it won’t get wet,” says Biondolillo. “The hydraulic over electric actuator is so smooth the dogs barely realize they’re lifting off the ground. It’s such a huge hit at the tradeshows. It’s the only all-stainless lift tub on the market, and we make it right here in the USA, so it’s built to last and last.”

The Hydraulic Lift Bathing Tub joins an all-American-made product lineup that includes Direct Animal Products’ top-selling Hydraulic Lift Table (GT-100), which uses a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, and comes with a post and clamp to keep dogs secure while grooming.

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