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Professional pet stylists know that a great groom begins with an effective bath. With this in mind, Grooming Business offers a roundup of some of the top shampoos and conditioners on the professional market.


Formulated for Pet Stylists
Dog Fashion Spa’s Pet Stylist Shampoo, distributed exclusively through Groomers Helper, comes in a concentrated gallon formula with dilution up to 20:1. The brand’s signature shampoo is mild, dramatically decreasing drying times, especially for large dogs. Witch hazel, chamomile and aloe help heal, calm and moisturize dog’s skin while signature scent adds an aromatherapy experience for the dog, dog groomer, and dog parent. Dog Fashion Spa shampoo contains no sulfate so it is tear-free and can be freely used on a dog’s face. 

Dog Fashion Spa Pet Stylist Conditioner for dogs complements Dog Fashion Spa pet stylist shampoo and gently conditions and nourishes the dog’s skin and coat, bringing pet styling to the next level. Perfected for groomers, the formula is toxin-free and was developed to satisfy pet stylists who are looking for high-quality dog conditioner with natural ingredients that leaves pets smelling amazing. 

Formulated without sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, phosphates, phthalates, DEA, or GMOs, Dog Fashion Spa conditioner is infused with flower and oil extracts to repair, naturally hydrate and condition a dog’s coat, restore moisture to skin and minimize the development of dandruff. It helps loosen mats, free tangles and get rid of static electricity. UV screen protects coat from the sun, and its delicate scent is imbued with notes of jasmine, violet, lemon and musk.

Dog Fashion Spa’s signature shampoo and conditioner are both also available in 8-oz. bottles for retail sale.

The Davis Difference
Davis Manufacturing offers a wide assortment of shampoos and conditioners that are perfect for use in grooming salons.
Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo is a powerful, deep-cleaning formula that helps to loosen and remove dirt, caked-on mud, grease and filth. Enriched with jojoba, macadamia and olive oils, Grubby Dog’s non-drying formula rinses quickly and cleanly to produce a manageable, shiny coat. 

Easy on the eyes and soap-free, Davis Tearless Shampoo is mild enough for frequent use, even on puppies and kittens. Excellent for use with all spray-on and spot-on insecticide products, it helps battle dry skin by restoring its natural moisture.

Davis Quick-Dry Shampoo is a favorite of groomers, especially mobile groomers, because it saves valuable time and money by lathering, rinsing and drying twice as fast as other products on the market. It creates full, shiny coats and is infused with the company’s Rain Fresh Fragrance.
Davis MoJo! works quickly to help work through mats, detangle knots and instantly make combing and brushing easier, leaving coats with a sleek and soft finish. This highly concentrated serum features silk proteins and panthenol, and can be used on dry or damp coats.

New from Best Shot
One Shot Deodorizing Conditioner from Best Shot is formulated to surround, encapsulate and completely engulf stubborn odors, including skunk. Use together with One Shot’s Deodorizing Shampoo and Spray for total odor annihilation. Sometimes foul odors absorb far into a pet’s skin, making it difficult to eliminate, so the smell keeps resurfacing. However, One Shot’s Deodorizing Conditioner penetrates deep into skin’s layers and eradicates any potential lingering odors once and for all. Best of all, One Shot Conditioner leaves pets smelling and looking fabulous. 

“We didn’t settle for simply wiping out pet odor with this new technology,” says Best Shot sales and marketing director Dave Campanella. “We chose a refreshing hypoallergenic fragrance together with Best Shot’s renowned conditioning and ‘coat release’ technologies.”

Best Shot’s “3-Step Grooming System” has been popular for over 25 years. The company has introduced its Ultra “Dirty” Plenish conditioner to complement its 24:1 Ultra “Dirty” Wash shampoo. Together with its matching shampoo, Ultra “Dirty” Plenish safely releases more shedding undercoat in the tub and with one’s HV dryer, minimizing further coat damage from brushing and combing. In fact, Best Shot’s 3-Step System reduces groomer and pet injuries and increases productivity because of its immense time savings, according to Best Shot. 

“Our new Ultra ‘Dirty’ Plenish and ‘Dirty’ Wash are what every groomer needs to ‘Make Masterpieces out of Nightmares in Record Time,’ especially for all their filthy greasy client animals,” says Campanella.

Healthy Hydration
Hydrating Butter from Warren London is a non-oily, intensely hydrating leave-in conditioner for silky smooth skin and coat. The extract used is a natural humectant that moisturizes and adds vital nutrients with a soothing scent. It features a patented formula that releases moisturizing emollients every two hours for a 24-hour hydration.

Warren London Exfoliating Butter Wash is the perfect mix to clean, exfoliate and hydrate all in one. This all-natural product is formulated with jojoba beads, which help to exfoliate the skin and coat. Also included are botanical extracts that help to moisturize the coat. 

All natural and made with the highest quality ingredients, Warren London 2-In-1 Dog Shampoo + Conditioner is the perfect solution for everyday bathing in the salon. Coconut and lanol extracts produce the perfect shine and feel to any kind of coat, and the formula’s special cream rinse conditions the coat to perfection. Soap and detergent free, the formula will not disrupt topical flea preventatives, and can be used on dogs and cats.

The Natural Choice
PLUM SILKY Conditioning Shampoo from Nature’s Specialties Manufacturing cleans and adds texture while leaving a wonderful fragrance that lasts for days. It is enriched with aloe vera, vitamins and silk proteins, which enhance its conditioning power, leaving the coat more manageable and with a brilliant sheen. Safe for cats and dogs of all breeds, PLUM SILKY Conditioning Shampoo is perfectly complemented by the company’s Plum-Tastic Conditioner and Foo Foo Simply Plum Cologne. 

Nature’s Specialties’ SHEAMORA Shea Butter & Argan Oil Conditioner is a medicated antimicrobial conditioner that promotes healing of minor wounds, aids in relief of various types of skin irritations and other dermal inflammations, and leaves a healthy and luxurious coat. The growth-promoting formula strengthens and hydrates the coat, stopping breakage and adding sheen while eliminating frizz and tangles.


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