Pomeranian Teddy Cut

The Pomeranian is a cute dog with a thick, fluffy coat. Many clients choose to cut their Pomeranians’ hair to reduce brushing time or to keep the dog cooler. At our shop, we call it a teddy cut. 

I prefer to scissor the dog fully, but this cut can be modified and snap-on comb guards can be used.  The teddy cut is left long enough to avoid damaging the dog’s coat, which can happen with shaving.  For this demonstration, I chose Phoebe, a client’s three-year-old Pomeranian.


Step 1: Clean Ears
Swab the ears out with cotton. I prefer a non-alcohol-based cleaner, to avoid stinging the ear.

Step 2: Cut Nails
Cut the nails to the quick and file. I cut the nails prior to bathing; if a nail is cut too short and bleeds, it can be a mess to clean up on a clean dog.

Step 3: Bathe
Wash and condition the dog.

Step 4: Force Dry
Force dry the dog until it is 90 percent dry. Pomeranians can be cage dried and fluffed up later to save some time.

Step 5: Brush
Using a stand dryer, methodically brush through the dog, removing any dead hair and tangles.

Step 6: Comb
Using a steel comb, comb through the dog completely.

Step 7: Trim Pads
Trim the pads, using a 40 blade.

Step 8: Clip Sanitary Areas
Clip the sanitary areas with a 10 blade.

Step 9: Trim Feet
These dogs get cat feet. I start by picking up the foot and trimming the hair even with the pads.  While the dog is standing on the table, round the foot with shears. Next, brush the hair on top of the foot upwards with a slicker brush. Then, with thinning shears, trim the hair off, making a compact foot.  Trim the hair on the back of the hocks.

Step 10: Shape Rear
I start by shaping the rear, scissoring the pants to a curved shape.

Step 11: Scissor Back
Comb the hair on the back up and scissor to the desired length.

Step 12: Scissor Sides
Blending from the rear and working forward toward the head, scissor the sides.

Step 13: Scissor Underline
Scissor the underline of the body. 

Step 14: Scissor Chest
Scissor the chest, blending into the underline and sides.

Step 15: Trim Tail
I choose to trim the tail because the dog is getting an all-over haircut; leaving it natural can look unfinished.  I start by trimming the underside of the tail in a flag shape. Then, holding the tail up over the back, I trim either side of the tail.

Step 16: Trim Ears
Using straight shears, trim the ear tips to the leather.

Step 17: Trim Head
Blend and round the head until satisfied.


Professional groomer Anne Francis is a grooming competitor and speaker. She works at The Village Groomer in Walpole, Mass.

Is there a breed or cut that you’d like to see featured in the Grooming Table? Send your suggestions to jboncy@petbusiness.com

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