Bath of Least Resistance

Designed for efficiency and durability, these high-quality tubs and bathing systems can save time, money and energy.


Poly Pet Tubs offers an attractive and practical alternative to stainless steel. Poly Pet Tubs are made of durable, high-density polyethylene that is a half-inch thick, similar to material used to make fire truck tanks. The material will not rust, corrode or tarnish and is stain and odor resistant. All Poly Pet Tub models feature a heavy rubber mat, double drains and a multiple-position restraint system. They are available in 30-inch, 48-inch and 58-inch sizes and can be ordered with or without doors and ramps, as well as different plumbing configurations. The lineup of colors includes white, black, blue, grey, green and red. 




The Elite Grooming Tub from Shor-Line includes multiple ergonomic features for efficient bathing, such as a sliding rail to allow the groomer to adjust the position of the dog as well as high and low tub floor settings. The stairs slide underneath the tub with a nudge from the groomer’s foot. It is constructed with radiused edges along all corners of the tub and has 45-degree angles on the front edges for added safety and aesthetic appeal. The door features Shor-Line’s durable cage hinges and a one-handed latch, and it can be removed completely. The tub has a one-piece backsplash, adjustable feet and slip-resistant tread on the steps.




The AquaQuest, from Petlift, was the first walk-in tub engineered and developed for the professional grooming industry. Made with 16-gauge stainless steel, the tub’s cove molded edges increase tub wall integrity and rigidity for a secure bathing environment. It has a telescoping ramp that extends and withdraws into the face of the tub, allowing for easy walk-in ability for larger animals. In addition to providing easy access, the ramp and slide-away stainless steel door can be operated with one hand, allowing groomers to safely handle each pet. The tub includes hose hook and drain assembly, and complete faucet and plumbing packages are also available.  




The Prima Bathing System is designed to produce a clean coat in the shortest amount of time using minimal water, shampoo and physical effort, saving groomers’ time and energy. With this bathing system, no pre-rinsing or hand-scrubbing is required. It sprays just the right amount of water and shampoo with the right pressure to penetrate the coat down to the skin, allowing the surfactant the necessary four-minute contact time to break down and encapsulate the oil and dirt that will be removed in the rinse cycle. 




Forever Stainless Steel manufactures the only pet bathing tub completely made of 14-gauge stainless steel and fully welded for no seam breakage or leaks. Built-in, patented options include an elevated platform system that can be used on the tub bottom or rotated and placed on a higher level for bathing smaller animals. All P model tubs come with a patented pump recess located at the drain end and lower than the bottom of the tub. The pump recess option includes Forever Stainless Steel’s exclusive built-in hair catching system to keep hair out of the drain and pump. When used with a recirculating bathing pump, the pump recess option can provide savings on both water and shampoo. The company’s tubs are made in the USA and there are a variety of sizes and styles available. 




The Groomer’s Best Elite tub is fully welded and double-sealed with the company’s exclusive coating, which protects the tub, dampens sound and can be ordered in a variety of colors to match a salon’s décor. The Elite tub includes easy-slide back steps, a raised tray for smaller animals, tall sides and a door to prevent splashing. Each tub is available in left or right plumbing, and the steps are attached on the opposite side from the drain. The tub is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. All Groomer’s Best tubs have the option to upgrade to an ADA-compliant model that is required by most states if installed in a public area. The company’s products are made in the USA and include a three-year warranty. 




Mason Company’s elevating UltraLift fiberglass wash units allow for a more efficient and ergonomic work environment for bathing dogs. The groomer can walk the dogs into the bath at ground level and use the push button controls to raise the tub to the appropriate height. The hand-laid, single-mold fiberglass wash units prevent leaks and are easy to clean. The surface is quieter than stainless steel tubs, and a raised floor helps contain water. The tubs are offered in several models, including the 3-Side Splash UltraLift, 3-Side Splash Space Saver UltraLift and Walk-Around UltraLift.

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