The Havanese Pet Trim

This simple cut is a great way to highlight the Havanese’s silky coat and expressive eyes.


Archie is a four-year-old Havanese that comes in for grooming about every six weeks. Since he is a regular client with minimal mats, I send him straight to the tub for a deep-cleansing shampoo and conditioning. I do all of my brushing/dematting while fluff drying, but this is a personal preference; he could certainly be prepped prior to bathing. 






Step 1: Bathe



Step 2: Dry

Force dry as much water out of the coat as possible.



Step 3: Clip Body

Rough in the pattern on the body—I use a size-0 or yellow snap-on comb—taking length off while being careful not to get the attachment comb stuck in any knots. Clip the trunk of the body, skimming off at the hip and elbow.



Step 4: Brush

Spritz with a brushing aid and move methodically through the coat using a slicker brush.



Step 5: Clip Pads

Clip the pads with #30 blade.



Step 6: Sanitary Trim

Clip the sanitary areas with a #10 blade.



Step 7: Trim Nails

Clip the nails to the quick and file if desired.



Step 8: Reclip Body

Back-comb the coat and go over the trunk of the body with the size-0 or yellow snap-on comb.



Step 9: Clip Legs

Use the size-A or light purple snap-on comb to clip the entire rear and front legs.



Step 10: Trim Rear Feet

Pick up each rear foot, comb the hair toward the pads and trim any hair hanging over the foot. Place the foot on the table and round the foot.



Step 11: Scissor Rear Legs

The length of the hair on the legs has already been set by the snap-on comb. Now scissor off any stray hairs. I recommend using a curved set of shears and flipping the shear to use the angles to set lines.



Step 12: Trim Front Feet

Pick up each front foot and comb all the hair toward the pads and trim any hair hanging below the foot.  Place foot on the table and trim round.


Step 13: Scissor Front Legs

Fluff the hair on the front legs up and out. Again, the length has been set by the snap-on comb. Now trim them into a column.



Step 14: Clip Head

Using the size-A or light purple snap-on comb, swipe from the back of the head to the front, making sure to catch above the ears. Swipe the cheeks, and from the cheeks forward to the beard.



Step 15: Trim Eye Corners

Using thinning shears or a clipper, clear the inner eye corners.



Step 16: Finish Head

Comb the hair forward and trim visor. I like to trim the sides of the eyes back more to open them up because they are so expressive.  Fluff up the top of the head with a comb and round it off.  Blend the hair on the cheeks and under the ears.  Trim the jawline and then connect the jawlines to the beard.



Step 17: Trim Ears

Trim the ears into a bell shape.


Step 18: Trim Tail

Trim tail to desired length.





Professional groomer Anne Francis is a grooming competitor and speaker. She works at The Village Groomer in Walpole, Mass.


Is there a breed or cut that you’d like to see featured in the Grooming Table? Send your suggestions to abrewer@petbusiness.com.

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