Long-Haired Dachshund

Pet owners who favor the natural look on their dogs will appreciate this simple but distinctive cut.


Lily is a four-year-old, long-haired Dachshund. Her owner prefers the natural look on her, but likes to have the fuzz cleaned up. It is a relatively easy trim that can be made to stand out with a few simple extra steps.  




Step 1: Bathe
To save time, I go right to the tub with Lily and wash her with a deep-cleansing shampoo and light conditioner.


Step 2: Force Dry
Force dry the dog as much as possible. Lily wears a Happy Hoodie to help lower the noise from the dryer, and I use a flat nozzle on the dryer so it isn’t as intense.


Step 3: Straighten & Detangle
Using a stand dryer and slicker brush, move methodically through the dog’s hair, drying, straightening and removing any tangles.


Step 4: Clip Feet
Using a #30 or #40 blade, clip the pads of the feet.


Step 5: Cut & File Nails
Trim the nails to the quick, and dremel if desired.


Step 6: Trim Rear Feet
Pick up the rear feet and trim around the foot. Back-brush the hair on the top of the foot with a slicker brush and, using thinning shears, trim the hair on top of the foot.


Step 7: Trim Hocks
Trim the hock hair into a half-moon shape.


Step 8: Trim Rear Legs
Trimming the fuzz off the legs can be done a few different ways. I have found the quickest way to get the hair off is to take a 7f blade to it, then use thinning shears to blend. Carding can also remove the hair.


Step 9: Trim Pants
Using thinning shears, trim the pants to the desired length.


Step 10: Trim Front Feet
Trim the front feet the same way you did the rear feet. 


Step 11: Trim Front Legs
Again using the 7f blade, take off the excess fuzz and blend with thinning shears.


Step 12: Finish Front Legs
Use shears to trim the back of the front leg.


Step 13: Finish Skirt
Trim the skirt into the chest. 


Step 14: Finish Ears
Using thinning shears, neaten up the ears. I find trimming around the ear leather gives an extra finished look.




Professional groomer Anne Francis is a grooming competitor and speaker. She works at The Village Groomer in Walpole, Mass.

Is there a breed or cut that you’d like to see featured in the Grooming Table? Send your suggestions to jboncy@petbusiness.com.

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