Miracle Makers

Dawn Tolonen, director of marketing for MiracleCorp Products, discusses how the company’s solution-oriented Miracle Care brand can be a valuable resource for professional groomers.

Grooming Business: Tell us about the Miracle Care brand. How/when did the brand get started in the professional grooming industry?

Dawn Tolonen:
MiracleCorp Products was founded in 1988 with our initial Mela Miracle Melaleuca tea tree oil grooming line. We were the first in the U.S. pet market to utilize the healing, soothing and conditioning properties of the original tea tree oil Melaleuca alternifolia. This highly effective, natural, organic substance remains one of the keys to our grooming line’s success.

GB: Describe your approach to formulating skin and coat care products. What are some of the standout products you offer in this category? What are the key features of these products?

Foremost in our formulations is pet safety, combined with botanicals and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that provide solutions groomers and pet parents need. Our premier product is the Original Tea Tree Oil line, which uses only premium-grade Melaleuca alternifolia oil and natural botanicals such as coconut extract, wheat germ oil, and A, C and E vitamins to ensure consistent and beautiful results. 

Our Premium Specialty skin and coat care solutions (black bottle) use natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, hydrolyzed wheat protein, tea tree oil and vitamins to ensure a clean and manageable coat, as well as hydrated skin. Miracle Care has a complete line to accommodate every skin and coat type.

GB: What does Miracle Care brand offer, in terms of grooming tools? What sets these tools apart from similar products on the market?

Tolonen: Miracle Care offers grooming tools for dogs, cats and small animals, as well as tools for horses and other large animals. Our grooming tools feature ergonomic designs, high-quality stainless steel and soft Santoprene handles. Santoprene rubber provides “comfort touch,” giving surfaces a softer and warmer feel compared to hard polypropylene. Ideally suited for extended grooming, our durable tools are comfortable and provide a secure grip even when wet. 

Of particular interest is our patented, award-winning QuickFinder nail trimmer. Our QuickSensor technology detects the nail quick and gives lighted cues when it’s safe to clip the nail. QuickFinder takes the fear and hassle out of nail trimming.

GB: How does Miracle Care help groomers keep their first-aid kits well equipped? What are some of the essential first-aid products that groomers should keep on hand? 

Kwik Stop styptic, the original and still the best, is a groomer staple. Kwik Stop quickly and effectively controls minor bleeding, plus the added benzocaine helps relieve pain. Groomers can also fill their first-aid kits with Miracle Care Anti-Septic, Anti-Itch and Hot Spot products as well as Pain Relieving, Wound Care and Liquid Bandage items.

GB: What kind of opportunity do professional groomers have in selling pet remedies and supplements? What does Miracle Care offer in this area?

Professional groomers are experts in their field, which puts them in a unique position to recommend products to their customers. Groomers are also often the first person to see the start of a problem in their clients, especially skin, ear, eye and dental issues. Keep a selection of retail sizes of the products you use yourself in your shop. Miracle Care has retail sizes of grooming, first-aid, supplements, eye care, dental care and ear care products (including an EPA-registered ear mite treatment). Groomers can increase remedy and supplement sales by educating pet parents on the connection between good health and healthy skin and coat.

GB: What are the latest and most exciting new product offerings from Miracle Care? How do these products stand out in the marketplace?

Tolonen: Our exciting new items are in the Kwik Stop styptic line. In addition to our traditional powder, gel and pads formats, we now have Kwik Stop Gel Swabs and Kwik Tips. Kwik Stop Gel Swabs are perfect for pet parents on the go. Each single use swab is filled with the original Kwik Stop Gel; it quickly starts the healing process and helps to relieve pain. It is the perfect solution for travel, hunting, service dogs, dog shows and performance events. Our revolutionary Kwik Tips styptic-filled nail caps provide a unique, convenient, no-mess method to stop minor bleeding fast. The flexible nail caps eliminate powder spills and messes, and help prevent bloodstains on carpets and upholstery.

GB: What does the future hold for the Miracle Care brand?

Miracle Care is leveraging our strong history of quality product innovation to bring new solution driven ‘miracles’ to professional groomers and pet parents everywhere. Visit miraclecarepet.com to learn more. 


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