Three Ways to Grow Your Business with Web Content


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of articles out there that tell you why your business should have a blog or some type of long form content on the website. This is not one of those articles. 

However, there is a void of content written specifically for the pet industry, and you can leverage this to reach your target audience. The void in content comes with an ironic twist, as the pet industry itself, is flourishing. However, website owners within this space are behind the curve with the production of content for their site, when compared to other industries. 

According to American Pet Products Association, since the year 2003, pet sales have grown by over $2 billion each year. In 2016 alone, within the U.S., they have calculated an estimated $62.75 billion dollars to be spent by pet owners in the form of food, supplies, medicine, veterinary care, pet purchases, grooming and boarding. With a whopping $60.28 billion in pet sales last year, retailers and service providers in the pet industry have a great opportunity to educate consumers of their products, and more importantly, thought leadership.

There are many prominent pet brands in the industry that make great products, but they are missing one thing, the lack of educational content written for pet owners by industry experts and thought leaders. Take a look at some leading pet brands, which are at a loss when it comes to providing any content on their website, let alone some type of long-form content.

There is a true need for specialized information on pets of all kinds, and what better place should it come from then the people who specialize in specific pet products and services. This is where you come in.

Educational content does more than just add information to your website, it also improves your site’s rankings with search engines. More importantly, it attracts relevant consumers and grows your brand awareness. Many pet owners are looking for information on fun activities to do with their pets, personal reviews of products, and advice for taking care of their furry friends; these are all opportunities for you to insert your brand and your educational content. 

Business owners looking to take advantage of this growth should perform these three content tactics:

1. Answer Questions
Adding detailed content to your site that answers common questions that pet owners and pet lovers have. Do they have questions about what type of food they should feed their dog? What is the difference between limited ingredient and grain free? These are all questions that can help you answer questions and attract more consumers. 

2. Be a Local Resource
Pet owners are always looking for something new and interesting to do with their pets. Should they take their dog to a dog park to socialize? Make a dog park finder. Are they interested in finding pet friendly stores? Make a list local to your audience. These are resources that are helpful and educational. It also allows them to visit your site and see your product offering. 

3. Be Yourself
Content adds humanity to the conversations if you write your pieces in a way that sounds like it is coming from a pet lover. Pet lovers love to talk to other pet lovers so by writing your content in this manner, you will attract that consumer and have them be a fan of your brand. 

Be warned, this is not a minor undertaking. The key to producing content for your business is to keep it fresh and to publish content regularly. Writing content will help contribute to the traffic of your site and lead to a larger following. As a business owner, one of your goals should be to sell more. The only way to sell more is if there is a higher amount of consumers who know about your products or services. Content can help bring those consumers. 

It is important to note as a rule of thumb that the more engaged you are with your customers in this ever-growing digital platform, the greater leg up you will have against your competitors. When all is said and done, meeting the needs of customers is what business is all about.

‚ÄčAngalena Malavenda is a Junior Online PR Specialist at Web Talent Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that delivers exceptional results to clients.


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