The Cat Teddy Cut

By Anne Francis on Feb 1 2011
A popular alternative to the standard lion cut for felines, the Teddy cut utilizes snap-on combs to keep a cat’s coat manageable.

A few years ago, we only offered limited haircuts for cats in our salon–basically, it was just the lion cut, which is very short all over. Then we started to experiment with snap-on combs, which can be used to trim the coat. We named the result the Teddy cut. In order to have this cut done, a cat must come in without any severe matting.

I’ve found that owners come in more often for grooming because they like this option, rather than letting their cats get so knotted that they have to be shaved. At our shop, we always use two people to groom cats–one to hold the cat and the other to do the grooming. We find this allows us to maneuver the cat to get the best cut possible. There are many products on the market to help groomers with cat grooming, with a particular focus on keeping both the groomer and the animal safe. For this groom, I have chosen Nero, a cream Persian that is a regular client of ours.


Step 1: Nails
Laying the cat on its side, my partner holds the cat by the scruff of the neck. I cut the nails, hold the paw and apply light pressure to the toe, extending the nail. The hook should be cut off. It is easy to see the vein in the cats nail.

Step 2: Clip Pads
I pre-clip the pads with a #30 blade. I find that doing this helps shorten the time it takes to dry the cat and makes it easier to clean in the tub. I find that trimming the pads finishes the clip off. If grooming the cat for the first time, you should ask the owner their preference, as some prefer to have this hair left."

Step 3: Comb
Comb through the cat, removing any knots and dead hair. I use a comb that has shorter teeth between longer ones.

Step 4: Ear
Swab the ears clean with ear solution and cotton ball.

Step 5: Pre-Clip
Since Nero has an excess amount of hair, I decide to pre-clip him. Why wash and dry hair that is going to be clipped off later? This is a big time saver. I use a #1 snap-on comb. This is a rough cut, so don’t worry about it being perfect yet. If you have a clipper vacuum system, it will work great for this cut.  Remember to use a longer snap-on comb if you use a vacuum system. I realize many groomers don’t have this system, so I’ve decided to demonstrate this clip without using mine. Clip from behind the ears to the base of the tail, the sides of the cat and the legs. 

Step 6: Wash
We wash Nero with a basic get-clean shampoo. We also use a conditioner because he is a long-haired cat.

Step 7: Force Dry
We move back to the grooming table and, using the force dryer on low, we get as much water out of the coat as the cat will allow. Some cats are more agreeable to this than others.

Step 8: Cage Dry
We put Nero in a cage with dryers on him. He can dry a bit while we work on other cats.

Step 9: Fluff Dry
The force dryer may need to be used on the paws or underside of the cat. Then use a stand dryer on warm to blow the cat dry. Use a comb and move methodically through the coat, drying the cat completely.  This will also remove any knots or dead hair left on the cat.

Step 10: Finish Clip
Using the same snap-on comb that was used in the pre-clip (#1), start at the head and clip down the back to the base of the tail. Clip down the shoulders and the sides of the cat. Turn the cat on its side and clip the legs and belly. To get an even cut, the cat may need to be maneuvered a bit. You can hold the cat up in a natural standing position, or hold the cat up tall to stretch the limbs a bit.

Step 11: Trim Feet
I finish off the feet by trimming any stray hairs, making them look compact. 

Step 12: Trim Butt
Using a #10 blade, I trim around the rectum. Most owners appreciate this.

Step 13: Head
I trim the head round.  Comb the hair around the head and trim lightly.


Professional groomer Anne Francis is a grooming competitor and speaker. She works at The Village Groomer in Walpole, Mass.

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